Dear Friends,

We are excited and humbled to celebrate the 16th Annual Tommy Tant with you at the end of the month, October 31–November 1. This special weekend is an yearly highlight in our lives and in the community of Flagler Beach that we could not have reached without your support and the blessing of God.

As you may remember last year we announced that, as far as we could tell, this would be the final Tommy Tant. Following this announcement, we were approached by many friends and community leaders who all expressed deep appreciation for the event, as well as a strong desire to see it continue. We are excited to announce that the Tommy will continue under new leadership from the local community with support from Tom and Barbara Tant. This change in leadership will take place after this year’s event.

This is the final year of Will’s role as event director. He feels humbled and blessed to have served alongside such a great team who wholeheartedly pour themselves into the event year after year. And, he would like to offer a sincere thank you to so many who have made unique contributions over the past sixteen years. God has allowed each and every one you to transform our family’s sorrow into gladness and nothing short of redemption.

We look forward to celebrating another year of surfing, music, food, art, scholarship, and family in three weeks… hope to see you there!

With love and respect,

The Tant Family
Tom, Barbara, and Will

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